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About Us

Providing assets for your offshore wind needs

Bernhard Schulte Offshore is an asset provider to the offshore wind industry providing bespoke vessels to fulfil the requirements of our clients, based on long-term charters. We also offer part of our existing fleet of Tier-1 Service Operation Vessels (SOV) for short-term needs.

SOV trailblazer

We are a pioneer in the field of purpose-built SOVs:

  • 2015: started construction of our first SOV, Windea La Cour, with optimised people and cargo workflows on-board
  • Windea La Cour is industry’s first SOV without steps, enabling technicians to take spare parts from below deck to wind turbine via a motion compensated gangway
  • She was the first vessel ever with the new X-STERN
  • 2018: began building Windea Jules Verne, the first SOV with battery-based hybrid propulsion system

Pioneers in offshore wind

Bernhard Schulte Offshore has been a part of Germany’s offshore wind industry since 2011 when the first commercial-scale wind farm installation commenced operations.
We are one of WINDEA Offshore’s founders and shareholders which has provided its services to nearly every German wind farm project; through WINDEA, we understand and know what it takes to successfully operate and maintain an offshore wind farm.

Deep roots with a strong track record

We are part of the Schulte Group, a multinational family-owned shipping company headquartered in Hamburg, Germany that traces its shipping roots back to 1883.
The Schulte Group possesses a track record of more than 700 newbuild and conversion projects so rest assured we’re the right partner to build a vessel for your project.
Our group has over 30 offices all over the world so we can support clients wherever they are. The Schulte Group owns nearly 100 ships, manages more than 650 vessels, employs more than 20,000 seafarers and about 3,000 people onshore.

Your reliable partner, always

The family-owned Schulte Group and its shareholders strive to maintain financial stability and independence. Preserving its strong reputation, keeping commitments and maintaining good relationships with business partners are of fundamental importance to the Schulte Group since 1883.
Bernhard Schulte Offshore is your reliable partner for offshore wind vessels – now and in the future.